Flushing your money down the drain


All of you pay for opioids. Most all of you pay for chronic opioids — those long – term cases dealing with chronic pain.Did you know that 4 out of 5 claimants have urine drug tests that indicate nonadherence to the prescribed dosage? Only 1 in 5 takes narcotics as directed. According to a presentation at the American Academy of Pain Medicine, of those not doing it right, about half had too much in their systems, about 43% had too little. 41% had other non-prescribed controlled drugs.

Further, those who did were non-compliant spent 35% MORE on in-hospital care than those who did it right. So where is your case load in all of this? With only 20%°doing it right and all the others costing you more in prescriptions and hospital care, working to achieve higher compliance rates makes good sense and saves real dollars.

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