Drug Costs + freight train


Drug costs continue to be the freight train in workers’ compensation costs that
 seems to have no brake. In its latest Workers Compensation Prescription Drug Study, the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI)points out, among other things:

• There has been a sharp increase in the cost of physician—dispensed drugs;

• One reason cited for this increase is to increase revenue for the physician;
• The cost of physician-dispensed medication typically more than it would be from a pharmacy.

NCCI’s study also concluded:
• 75% of worker’s compensation repackaged drug costs originate from physicians;

Once again, an increase in utilization is the dominant factor in work comp drug cost increases;

The number ONE drug in work comp based in terms of paid dollars ……… Yes that’s right, OxyContin®. The manufacturer maintained a successful patent defense which removed an extended release generic version from the market.
If what you’re doing is not helping your prescription drug costs, call us.

We can do better.

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