Ugly files. You know what they are!


Post-award medicals, soaring through the roof, pain treatment lasting longer than life itself, bushels of OxyContin.
I want your ugly files. Complicated surgeries, many different physicians, frequent and continual office visits, never—ending chiropractic. And pain treatment lasting longer than life itself. We specialize in ugly files. We assign them to world-class physicians who specialize in evidence-based medicine. The latest science applied to workers’ compensation problems. Neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, pharmacologists, orthopedic surgeons, psychiatrists and other expert scientists can make many ugly files pretty again.

If you are an insurance carrier or fund, a third party administrator, adjuster, attorney or reinsurance carrier, we can help you with your ugly files. Call us and we’lI tell you how we do what we do.

We Can Do Better.

William V. Faris, J.D.

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