Secrets of an overworkered comp adjuster


  1. We rely totally on the PBM.  If the treating doctor submits a script–we will pay it.
  2. The newest adjuster may get assigned the “ugly files”, no one else wants.
  3. My case load is up 25% over the last few years as home office thinks that is a smart way to reduce cost.
  4. I’m expected to keep up with ever changing medical issues with little support/training.
  5. Sometimes we skip the UR/PreCert Function to save money as some vendors are just rubber stamp approvals.
  6. It’s really hard to communicate what has transpired in my old, ugly, post award cases.  The file is full of duplicates records and unintelligible medical reports.

We find that comp adjusters are the unsung heros in the system.  They do the best they can to control costs and improve outcomes.

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