Prescription Drug Abuse & Physician behavior



Dr. C. Kenneth Peters in Louisville has provided primary care to thousands of patients throughout 40 years of practice. Vast numbers of these patients presented work-related injuries.  Dr. Peters relates that no one leaves the doctors office satisfied unless they have a prescription. Even if there is nothing that pharmaceuticals can do (e.g. a virus) or if over—the-counter remedies are almost as effective. Everybody wants a prescription!

USA TODAY, the Kaiser Foundation and Harvard School of Public Health studied the impact of drug advertising on physician behavior and they agree with Dr. Peters. They found that nearly one third of patients ask about a particular drug and 82% of the time, the physician recommended a prescription. Although not studied, it’s likely the numbers in work comp cases are even more dramatic. No one suffers from prescription drug abuse worse than Kentucky. We consume horrendous quantities of opioids and its not getting better. Claimants take narcotics for ridiculous periods of time and combine them with a variety of other medications.  Often the worker who “won” his case is found 10 years out to be totally drug dependent, both physically and mentally disabled. Some winner.

We can do better. Long – term narcotics use is deadly to the person taking it and financially ruinous to whomever has to pay for it. lf you are dealing with cases of prescription drug abuse, call us. Our CIaimsCLEAR® review physicians are nationally-recognized experts in pharmaceuticals. Something can be done.


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