Is Care More No More?


   The Care More Pain Clinic…ahh, yes…where to begin? Recently Dr. Richard Albert, a physician at the Care More Pain Clinic in Paintsville, Kentucky pleaded guilty to the federal charge of conspiring to illegally prescribe some 50,000 Percocet. Albert was estimated to have prescribed more than 100,000 pills per month. Problem solved? Not so fast.

   On January 25, 2012, a task force of local, state and federal law enforcement descended on the Care More Clinic once again. They executed a federal search warrant and expect to present their findings to a federal grand jury shortly. In the process of conducting the raid, they arrested 29 people outside the clinic on a variety of charges. The mayor called it “a good day for the city…we’ve been looking forward to this day…” for almost 5 years.

  Is Care More really no more? For 25 years, OMCA has reviewed, managed, contested and progressed in the constant battle against illegal use of prescription drugs.

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