A Billion Here, A Billion There


What costs more than ALL cancers, ALL diabetes and ALL strokes?  The answer is occupational injuries and illnesses.  According to a study authored by J. Paul Leigh, a researcher for University of California Davis, $250 Billion per year is spent on workplace injuries/illnesses.  His study published in Milbank Quarterly: A Multidisciplinary Journal of Population Health and Healthy Policy reviewed more than 40 data sets that track both direct and indirect costs (e.g. lost productivity) associated with injury/illness in the workplace.


Cancers, $31Billion;

 Diabetes,$ 76Billion;

Strokes, $187 Billion;

Occupational $ One quarter trillion.

Every day for 25 years, OMCA has worked to reduce the costs of occupational injuries/illnesses.  In over 100,000 cases, we’ve had many successes, gained much knowledge, accumulated significant professional resources and would be pleased to help you with your program, your caseload or your catastrophic claims.

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