The World’s Most Unusual Compensable Injuries


After 25 years in the business, sometimes I think I have seen it all.  Some of my most memorable injury descriptions that were deemed compensable are as follows:

1.  Self inflicted banana in the eye.  Supervisor got so enraged at his subordinates, while he was eating lunch; he missed his mouth and jammed his banana into his eye.

2.  Treatment and lost time checks due to employee catching a STD from a lady of the evening. Seems my landscaper was struck by lightening which exited his front privates. Went to therapy to overcome his work related fear of sex and an unscrupulous therapist “hooked” him up with a call girl.

3.  Crushed foot from playing “Chicken” in the box crusher. Seem that on slow days in the warehouse some of the employees have wagers to see who will stay in the box crusher the longest as the door comes down.

4.  An employee usher trampled by teenyboppers.  In a mad rush to see “New Kids on the Block” group as they exited the arena to get on their tour bus, my poor elderly ticket taker got knocked down.


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Most Unusual Compensable Injuries

What are some of the most intriguing injuries that you have come across?


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