Snitch or Hero?


Telling the Medical Licensure Board—Snitch or Hero?

We all know about the problems caused by the few bad doctors who over prescribe dangerous narcotics.  This is especially true in certain parts of Kentucky where it devastates families and communities.

Board Certified Peer Reviewers can be instrumental in controlling costs when they personally contact treating physicians to discuss alternative treatments, to point out the latest published medical evidence and to collaborate with providers to make sure injured workers are receiving the best possible care.

However, effective peer review physician panels become heroes when they pick up the phone and report obvious/dangerous narcotic abuse situations to medical licensure boards or other regulators.  The best reviewers refuse to sit on the sidelines when those few rogue operators are operating outside the law and without regard for an injured worker’s long term health.

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William V. Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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