Tennessee Draws A Hard Line In The Sand


Does anyone remember the John Wayne movie “The Alamo”? One of my favorite scenes is when Colonel Jim Bowie takes his crutch and draws a line in the sand. Those crossing the line were making a stand to defend the Alamo. Of course Davy Crockett and his Tennessee volunteers crossed that line and made the commitment to fight.

Once again Tennessee is leading the good fight with Workers’ Comp Senate Bill # 1258/House Bill # 1040. Essentially, this bill requires Utilization Review (UR) to determine medical necessity when certain scheduled pain medications are prescribed longer than 90 days.

At OMCA this fight is personal with us. We have seen first hand how a few rogue providers and clinics have destroyed families and communities throughout Kentucky and the Southeast. We perform UR coast to coast for our clients and cannot wait to help our Tennessee clients implement this new regulation.

Of course the devil is in the details as we establish protocols and procedures to comply with this new law. However, rest assured that our Board Certified Physicians and RN Case Management professionals will help Tennessee make a stand to eliminate excessive and abusive pain medications.

Call Us. We Can Do Better.

William V. Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

Posted in Medical Cost Containment, Workers’ Compensation