137 Million Chances for Abuse


House lawmakers intend to introduce legislation that will soon require most prescription pain drugs to adopt abuse safeguards. This item was reported in a July 19, 2012 Wall Street Journal article by Timothy W. Martin.

There are many details to be worked out but if adopted, this bipartisan plan would require the manufacturers to add features that deter the crushing of pain pills to minimize the ability to snort or inject for intense highs.

Who could possibly be against this legislation besides the abusers? As long as the quality of the medicine is intact, patients/claimants with legitimate needs for these painkillers should not care if formularies are enhanced to eliminate tampering.

So, Kudos to the lawmakers! But before, you get too excited, there is one outrageous statistic hidden in the fine print of the article.

There are 137 million annual painkiller prescriptions!! If you think that FDA/Pharmaceutical manufacturing tweaks will solve this problem, think again.

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William V. Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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