California Comp Premiums go UP! Due to Cost Reductions?


What’s wrong with this headline? Or have we just become immune to ever increasing premiums and the reasons just don’t matter?

Apparently, California is reducing impairment ratings for sleep and sexual dysfunctions and psychiatric disorders.  Also, they are enacting independent reviews of billing disputes and establishing a home health care fee schedule.  Well, all that sounds promising.

Unfortunately, by the time employers pay for an increase in permanent benefits, ever increasing language interpreter requirements and never ending deterioration of existing claims loss experience, California is still scheduled to approve a double digit rate hike.

At OMCA, we manage difficult work comp medicals in jurisdictions from coast to coast.

Although some bureaucracies are tougher than others, the fundamentals of effective claims management remain the same:

  • Early Intervention
  • Enhanced/Ongoing Utilization Review
  • Intensive RN case management
  • Application of the latest scientific medical evidence
  • Aggressive Peer to Peer Physician Intervention/Remediation

Call us.  We can do better.

William V. Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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