Extreme Couponing–Big Pharma Style


Extreme Couponing--Big Pharma StyleExtreme Couponing–Big Pharma Style

Everybody loves generics, Right? That is, everybody except “Big Pharma”.  The Associated Press recently reported in the Boston Herald.com. that Pfizer, Inc. is beginning to offer “copay coupons” to patients’ for six of its brand name medicines, where generics are an option.  

The plan is to get patients’  to still demand brand names because they now have a copay coupon that reduces their out of pocket expense.  Nevermind that the insurance company still has to pay the extra share of the cost for brand name versus generic.  

Erik Gordon from the University of Michigan, sums it up nicely. “On a big drug, every day that your can delay the sales drop is a happy day for the drug company”.

Guess who pays these extra costs in the long run?

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William V. Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer


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