Big Pharma to Experience Pike Co. Hospitality


Big Pharma to Experience Pike Co. Hospitality

Welcome to Pikeville, Purdue Pharma (OxyContin manufacturer).  We hope you enjoy the hospitality of Pike Circuit Court.

Kudos to Attorney General Jack Conway.  For several years he has tried to make a difference in the battle against highly addictive and easily abused narcotics.  In 2009,  he helped create the Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force that busted several “pill mills” in KY.

Now his office has announced that after years of delay, legal maneuvers and requests for venue changes, (can you believe Big Pharma wanted this litigation to be heard in New York) the citizens of Eastern KY will finally get their day in court.  The U. S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit has affirmed a lower court decision that Purdue Pharma must address OxyContin related litigation in Pike County.

In this litigation the Commonwealth is alleging that Purdue Pharma “misled healthcare providers, consumers and government officials regarding the risks of addiction associated with OxyContin”.

Welcome to Pike Co.!

Attorney General Jack Conway is doing better!

Call Us. We can do better.

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