Value Size My Health Care


Value Size My Health Care!

I’m old enough to remember just ordering a burger and fries in the fast food drive thru. Now everything is a number and the upsell is to “value size” it. Value is also the new buzzword when it comes to employer sponsored medical plans and the quality and efficiency of healthcare for dollars invested.

Typically, the healthcare fee for service model pays on volume, not value. The more tests, procedures, admissions, examinations, orders, etc. the more the provider gets paid. Kaiser Health news recently reported on a comprehensive study of large US employers and insurance companies. The study measured how many health care dollars are paid into the system without scrutiny as to appropriateness and quality. According to the report from Catalyst For Payment Reform, 90% of all dollars are volume based rather than value based.

Many of our clients are embracing the “Value” concept through Medical Homes, creative workforce participation, plan design, aggressive case management and data mining. It’s an exciting time with countless opportunities to make a difference.

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William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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