Dr. Mixology hits drug Superfecta!


Dr. Mixology hits drug Superfecta!

We have previously talked about the “trifecta” for potential abuse in both workers’ compensation and group medical; that being the combination pain clinic/weight loss centers/lifestyle-wellness programs. Now we are starting to see a brand new fourth area to monitor, so I will brand it the “superfecta”!  This fourth pillar of potential abuse is physicians who offer and dispense “compound pharmaceuticals”.

The latest trend is requests for approval and payment for Ketamine HCL powder (mixed with other agents) for low back pain, that has been “compounded” in the physician’s office.  This is a topical treatment so we have not seen evidence of its danger or abuse potential. However, it is EXTREMELY expensive and considered experimental by the Official Disability Guide with insufficient evidence of its effectiveness.

Remember, it was Willie Sutton who robbed banks because “that’s where the money is”.  It’s a few rogue providers and their complicit patients/claimants who look to the Carrier, TPA, and Self-Funded programs for never ending reimbursements, because  “that’s where the money is”!

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William Faris, JD

Chief Executive Officer




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