Rehab through Volunteerism


Sometimes there are simple, common sense solutions to life’s complex problems.  Or in other words, your Grandmother’s advice on how to be a good citizen, and thus happy and healthy, looks very smart in hindsight.


So it was no surprise when a recent study from Carnegie Mellon University published in Psychology and Aging concluded: volunteering lowers blood pressure. This complements an early study published in JAMA Pediatrics that high-schoolers who volunteered had lower cholesterol, BMI and less inflammation.


At OMCA we have recognized the benefits of volunteering for workers’ compensation patients for 20 years. One of our first successful value-added programs was styled TAD for Temporary Alternative Duty. With the cooperation and blessing of the treating physician, along with a small stipend from the employer, temporary total claimants were placed in service at the local faith based mission.


  • Can’t lift? — Serve green beans.

  • Can’t stand? — Work the registration desk.

  • Too depressed to get off the couch? — Fold these towels.

  • Can’t sleep? — A little fresh air while delivering blankets should help.


If you want to control costs in the long run, engage and encourage your claimants to volunteer.  It takes a little extra effort but is good for the mind, body and community.


Call Us. We can do better.


William Faris, JD

Chief Executive Officer




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