Blame the Freshman 15


Gaining fifteen pounds as a college freshman is not breaking news. However, the obesity message as it relates to diabetes is critical to workers’ comp and health medical payers and it needs to be highlighted often.


Diabetes Risk Factors

(Source: Center for Disease Control)

  • Overweight

  • Over age 45

  • Family History

  • Sedentary lifestyle


A new study, presented to the American Diabetes Association, concluded that heavy individuals with Type 2 diabetes, who can reduce their weight by just modest amounts, will:


  • Have better blood sugar,

  • Require fewer prescriptions

  • Experience less depression

  • Maintain better kidney functions

  • Need fewer hospitalizations

  • Have a better quality of life


Employers, employees and carriers end up paying the tab. While obesity effects diabetes, diabetes affects almost everything else.


My freshman 15 first happened in 1968.  45 years later, I’m heeding the CDC’s alarm.


Our nurse case managers recognize the red flag of obesity and the dangers associated with diabetes. Working with our case management patient/claimant and getting them step by step back to productivity is critical to our mission.

I will do better.


Call Us. We can do better.


William Faris, JD

Chief Executive Officer




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