Florida Workers’ Compensation Institute



Perhaps the finest national workers’ comp conference is the Florida Workers’ Compensation Institute which will be meeting in Orlando from August 19-22, 2012.  There will be thousands of attendees, hundreds of exhibitors, speakers and panel members who are the physicians, attorneys and regulators who have great influence over workers’ compensation in America.

Yes it’s early to talk about it but many of you need advance notice to work into budgets, calendars, etc. The cost is incredibly low (like $250 or so) the location is easy to get to (Orlando) and the opportunity for networking and continuing education is unparalleled.  Doctors, nurses, attorneys can all get continuing education credits that are usually transportable to your state. Go to their website at fwciweb.org and look at past conferences (2012 is not yet up).  You’ll see the breadth and depth of this meeting. It’s the best value you will find.


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William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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