As if you needed another reason to avoid the hospital…


Do you need another reason to keep your claimants (and yourself) out of the hospital? If so, read USA Today for November 29, 2012. They detail their investigative report into the bacteria known as CRE – Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae – a deadly super-bug lurking in many  places, but particularly in health care facilities like nursing homes and hospitals.

This highly contagious bacteria has no cure, mutates quickly and often (making future cures more problematic and less profitable – hence pharmaceutical companies are not interested in investing large  sums of money to find a cure) and carries a mortality rate of 40%. CRE is now considered endemic in a number of U.S. metropolitan areas and has become a major problem in most all healthcare facilities. The medical community is now focused on prevention, using the same universal precautions, handwashing, gloves, isolation, etc.All of this means higher healthcare costs for the many patients so infected, and for the insurance carriers responsible for their care.

Accurate, aggressive utilization review and case management can keep your insureds in a much safer environment, i.e. out of the hospital.  Everyday OMCA UR doctors and nurses protect patients by making sure only those who truly need hospitalization are subjected to it.  OMCA protects your bottom line, as well.


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William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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