Doctors as Druggists? What’s up with that?


Opioids continue to lead the pack of issues concerning workers’ compensation managers nationwide, according to a recent survey. Specifically, opioid prescription abuse and physician dispensing of repackaged drugs were of highest concern.

The 2012 Survey of Prescription Drug Management was released last week by CompPharma, LLC, a consortium of workers’ compensation pharmacy benefit managers. Joseph Paduda, principal of Health Strategy Associates and president of CompPharma, has been conducting the study for nine consecutive years.

While pharmacy benefit managers have programs that mitigate unit cost issues, they have little influence on the physician dispensing costs as these repackaged drugs by-pass the standard PBM utilization channel. These drugs frequently cost more per prescription and they often support a presumed need for repeated office visits to refill the scripts.

There are a number of proven methods for successfully combating these abuses. We’ve tried them all and can help you install effective programs within your group of claimants. Don’t depend on doctors, hospitals, pharmacies or PBMs to “do the right thing” as it pertains to your economic interests.


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William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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