Hydrocodone Drive Thru Closing


The Food and Drug Administration has received from its expert panel a recommendation to reclassify all hydrocodone-containing compounds from Schedule III to Schedule II.  The practical effect will be to eliminate “call-in” prescriptions for oxycodone and other such narcotics.  These will be filled only when the pharmacy is presented with a written prescription and should enhance the effectiveness of prescription abuse programs.The panel cited the wide misuse of these drugs and the enormous addiction problems associated with  them in making its recommendation.  Opponents of the change (a 19-10 vote within the panel) cited patient inconvenience and the presumed negative effect this might have on managing pain patients in rural or remote locations. It is anticipated that the FDA will accept the panel’s findings and adopt its recommendations.Most everyone in the healthcare community recognizes the tragedy of soaring prescription drug abuse and deaths from accidental overdoses. Most of these prescriptions are gained legitimately, at least at first, through workers’ compensation or group medical prescription drug programs.  Pharmacy Benefit Managers have made scant progress in managing opioid misuse (remember that your PBM makes money only when it sells drugs).If you are interested in curbing prescription drug abuse within your group of claimants/employees we can help.  Everyday OMCA reviews, evaluates and confronts prescription drug abuse.  We have programs that have been proven to reduce excessive use of opioids.

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William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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