OxyContin or Art Therapy?


Hospitals in Kentucky are starting to promote “alternative and non-traditional” treatment protocols and complementary services to promote healing. These integrative programs are many times marketed as holistic, or mind, body and spirit or even snack and relax. These local programs are part of a larger nationwide trend, as hospitals seek to deliver state of the art care while gaining an edge on the competition.

A Courier-Journal article by Laura Ungar recently put the spotlight on these procedures, which can include:

Art Therapy
Music Therapy
Herbal Therapy
Energy Therapy

Count me as hopeful, especially in situations where addictive, expensive and destructive narcotics are the alternative.

Count me as skeptical when the hospitals claim there is no cost to these services as they are simply “woven into normal care”! At OMCA, we will continue to question cost, safety, effectiveness and scientific clinical evidence for our clients, patients and injured employees when it comes to alternative treatment plans.

We have a long history of success designing and implementing Wellness and EAP plans and I have no doubt that some of these non-traditional therapies can prove beneficial.


Call us, We can do better.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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