Mysterious Menacing Microbes


Mysterious Menacing Microbes!

A Danish study on chronic back pain was recently highlighted in the UK Guardian. Here is the dramatic headline: Antibiotics Could Cure 40% of Chronic Back Pain Patients. According to the study published in European Spine, 20% to 40% of chronic low back pain is caused by bacterial infections. Essentially, these researchers have concluded that when bacterial infections are inside slipped discs, it may cause inflammation and fractures to vertebrae.

Their answer — 100 day antibiotic regimen versus surgery. I do not know where this groundbreaking study will lead. I am unsure how further and more extensive research will change treatment protocols.

What I do know for certain is:

  • Medical science is ever changing.

  • Standard (and expensive) medical protocols from 1983 are different than the protocols for 2013.

  • Aggressive and continual utilization and peer reviews are the best ways to ensure your patients/claimants receive appropriate care in appropriate settings.

Following the science will make your outcomes better.

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William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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