Cannabis Positive? Get a Rope!


Cannabis Positive? Get a Rope!

Seems to me workers’ compensation adjusting and overall medical management used to be more cut and dried. Fewer pharmacy cocktails, fewer alternative/unproven procedures and fewer collateral/contingent issues.


  • Drunk when hurt? Cut them off!

  • Mental health issues? That’s on your dime buddy!

  • And for heaven’s sake, marijuana use while on disability? Get a rope!


Lately, our physician advisors are being asked to review more and more pain medicine cases where small amounts of THC (the active component of marijuana) are present in urine screens.


Unless the jurisdiction has promulgated regulations to the contrary, the ODG and other scientific literature prompts our advisors to consider the following:


  • Is the claimant/patient using his prescribed pain medicine appropriately?

  • Does the use of marijuana, in any way, interfere with the effectiveness of the overall pharmaceutical regimen?


The presence of THC may present a variety of other legal, ethical and moral issues for both the treating physician and the employer. Our physician advisors are available to offer you options in dealing with these complex situations.


Cannabis Positive? Depending on your jurisdiction, maybe you can just “Get a Rope”!


Otherwise you have to do better and “Get the Science”!


Call Us. We can do better.


William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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