Care More or Kill More?


Care More or Kill More?

A new federal indictment and guilty plea was just announced for two pain clinic owners from eastern Kentucky. Our hats are off to the continued good work of our Attorney General Jack Conway along with the DEA.

As reported by Laura Ungar in the Louisville Courier-Journal, the Care More Pain Management Clinic was raided last year and closed for illegally distributing Oxycodone. Here are some of the breathtaking facts:

  • All patients paid cash — No insurance accepted
  • $200 per visit
  • 50 patients per day per doctor
  • No referrals for rehab, therapy or specialists
  • Blank prescriptions signed for assistants to complete
  • Drug abuse estimated to kill 1000 Kentuckians per year

And the final straw? The owners/operators agreed to forfeit a million bucks as a fine. These guys are not responsible for all of Kentucky’s abuse, but that works out to be about $1000 per corpse.

Jack Conway and the DEA are doing better.

Call Us. We can do better.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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