Accountable Care Is Job One


Accountable Care Is Job One

One of the new concepts in healthcare is “Accountable Care Organizations” or ACO. Essentially, these are hospitals, physicians and other providers who work together to render quality care, improve outcomes and lower costs. In Kentucky they come under different brand names: KY One Health Partners, Bon Secours Good Help Care and Quality Independent Physicians.


When reading industry periodicals and Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provisions, there are euphemisms used to describe the ACO and its mission. These include terms like team-based, proactivity, transformational, metrics, paradigm and seamless.


At OMCA, we have been implementing the tenets of accountable care for twenty years. The fundamentals we practice daily have proven to reduce costs and improve care/outcomes. Our RN case managers assist in the delivery of accountable care through three primary objectives:


  1. Care with the right provider.

  2. Treatment plans and pharmaceutical regimens supported by the science.

  3. Communication, collaboration and consequences for all stakeholders.


That’s it! That’s accountable care as practiced by OMCA.


Twenty years and over 200,000 cases later, OMCA is “accountable” to our customers and their claimants/patients. It’s not a new concept for us — it’s Job One.


Call Us. We can do better.


William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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