C’mon Man!!


C’mon, Man!!

If you ever watch ESPN Monday Night Football, then I’m sure you have seen the “C’mon Man” routine. The panel shows stupid, inexplicable or careless sports replays and then ends the segment with a sarcastic “C’mon Man” exclamation.

Reporting in last week’s The Courier-Journal and carried by the Associated Press, let me give you my own replays of outrageous narcotic/drug abuse situations:

  • Indiana physician’s license revoked

    • Prescribed 500,000 Oxycodone pills

    • Wrote 8,000 prescriptions for 3,500 patients

    • Parking lot filled with out of state cars

  • Big Pharma paid Pike County $4 million

    • Settlement agreement limited to whom Pike County could send press releases??

    • Linked to OxyContin abuse

    • Top pharmacy officials pled guilty to criminal charges

  • USA Today reported risk of online drugs

    • 36,000 websites fulfilling prescriptions

    • Less than 2,000 are thought to be legitimate

C’mon Man!  We’ve gotta do better than this!

Call Us. We can do better.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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