Sticky Claimant — Spray Some PAM


Who doesn’t have a can of PAM in their pantry?  It’s a specially formulated non-stick cooking spray that comes in seven flavors.


But today I write to tell you about a new PAM — a health care assessment called the “Patient Activation Measure.”


Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Laura Landro explains that 40% of Americans do not have the knowledge, skill or confidence to manage their health care. This impairs their ability to improve outcomes and thus lower costs.  Increasing the PAM score is a new “vital sign” in patient care.


Although this may seem like a soft science, university researchers claim to be able to rigorously and objectively measure how patient confidence and competence translates to better results.


The four levels of patient activation include:


  • Confidence leads to less apathy and more involvement;

  • Knowledge is critical to goal setting;

  • Action comes from the skills developed;

  • Behavior change and lifestyle modifications lead to improved health.


At OMCA, we started using the PAM concept 25 years ago.  Ours involves communication, collaboration and accountability, and goes by the name Aggressive Nurse Case Management.

 Sticky claims files?


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William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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