Speeding or Defective Equipment?


Speeding or Defective Equipment?

When attorneys or their clients are caught speeding, the standard outcome is a small fine and a plea of “defective equipment.” You certainly wouldn’t want them to accept responsibility, get insurance points and take the consequences…right?

Sometimes it seems Big Pharma has the same attitude.

  • Civil Suit → Pay the fine.

  • Regulatory Review → Admit no wrongdoing.

  • Medicare Overcharging → Here’s a check.

The latest of these, as reported in the St. Louis Business Journal, is a $3.5 million payment by the pharmaceutical company Mallinckrodt, Inc., to settle doctor kickback lawsuits. The US Attorneys’ Office claimed Big Pharma pushed “third-rate” pharmaceuticals via illegal physician inducements.

As a new standalone drug-maker, Mallinckrodt reported 11% sales growth to $2 billion.

Apparently they were able to write the settlement check without difficulty. And finally, they admit no wrongdoing. Must have been defective equipment.

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William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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