“Hello, Seattle, I’m Listening.” –Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Frasier Crane


imgresAnd sometimes that’s all we ask treating physicians to do. After all the medical fee disputes, after all the litigation and countless depositions, and after all the high-priced dueling medical experts…Just listen!

Time and time again, a successful resolution to complex/catastrophic claims ensues when our physician advisors initiate a peer-to-peer intervention with the treating physician. Our professionals aren’t your run-of-the-mill doctors. OMCA’s physician advisors are board certified, recognized nationally for their expertise and knowledge of the latest scientific research and many times are the authors of authoritative medical disability guidelines.

When our physician advisors call, more often than not the treating physicians will listen. In a professional and non-judgmental manner, they challenge the doctor as follows:

  • Help me understand your plan and pharmaceutical program, as they are outside the norm.

  • Are you aware of the latest scientific medical evidence concerning the safety/effectiveness of your approach?

  • Would you consider my recommendations and voluntarily modify your treatment protocols?

A recent success — an $1,800 monthly reduction in pharmaceutical costs on a young, totally disabled comp claimant (case study on this to follow). Seems like this treating doctor was ready to hear when alternative/less costly pharmaceuticals were presented. It’s amazing how we can control costs and improve outcomes when both parties listen.

Call us. We’re listening.

William Faris, JD

Chief Executive Officer





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