What’s $648,000 in Savings? A Good Start!


It was my grizzled old Contracts Law professor who first told me the corny joke, “What do you call a bus full of lawyers driving off the cliff?…A good start!”

Last week, OMCA made another good start in reducing our comp client’s potential future pharmaceutical expense by $648,000. The short version is, one of our physician advisors convinced a treating physician to voluntarily switch from brand names (requested by the claimant) to generic. This young man is seriously disabled and has a long life expectancy. He is on extensive drugs, and the monthly cost is ever escalating. Changing to generics will immediately save $1,800 per month — which extrapolates to $648,000 over thirty years.

This may sound like a no-brainer, however, this individual was on these brand names for several years. The adjusters, supervisors and attorneys made valiant attempts to convince the treating physician to make changes. Unfortunately, this doctor didn’t listen until OMCA initiated a peer-to-peer intervention.

It’s only a start. Now our physician advisor will continue to interact with the treating physician and attempt to reduce the number of prescriptions and improve this claimant’s prospects.

Call us. We are ready to start.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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