The Mr. Obvious Show



Those of you who are frequent listeners to The Bob and Tom Show are familiar with the Mr. Obvious skit. Mr. Obvious is a radio personality who gives simple but hilarious advice to callers with “obvious” problems.
Allow me to provide obvious advice to an unfunny problem: Your comp claims can’t be settled? Stop the narcotics!
Last year, one of our regional comp carriers instructed OMCA to institute a coordinated effort to aggressively target abusive narcotic usage by long-term claimants. We did this with peer-to-peer physician intervention, enhanced utilization review and constant hands-on nurse case management.It’s “obvious” to the client as well as the regulators that many claimants are either long-time addicted abusers (unrelated to the injury), and/or are re-selling their drugs on the street. But even the most experienced adjusters reported difficulty in settling/closing these claims when narcotics flow freely.
OMCA’s objective is to persuade treating physicians to modify prescribing practices. If they refuse, our physician advisors provide evidence based upon nationally accepted guidelines which demonstrates the danger of the ineffective treatment plans currently being used.
And the results after one year? A 60% reduction in open claims. This will result in millions of dollars in savings for this carrier. Seems these claimants are more willing to reasonably settle when the opioids dry up. Obviously!
Call us. Together we can find the obvious answer…or obviously, together we can do better.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

Posted in Medical Cost Containment, OMCA