Don’t Tase Me Bro…



Don’t want to walk the treadmill? How about an electric jolt from the Pavlov wristband?

This Pavlov wristband prototype is programmed to shock the wearers if they don’t make their workout appointments or reach their fitness goals. Although we all know adjusters who would like to “tase” certain malingerers back to work, this is probably not the best answer.

At OMCA, we design Functional Restoration programs. Claimants who buy into this concept increase their physical functioning, learn non-pharmaceutical skills to cope with pain and return to work in high numbers.

Participants receive counseling and psychological evaluations to address the psycho-social barriers that may impede the path to maximum medical improvement. In addition, there are intense and ongoing physical activity and rehabilitation requirements. Motivating and holding participants accountable is job one for OMCA Registered Nurse Case Managers.

Aggressive and ongoing Case Management works. Functional Restoration should always be the goal.

Call us. We can do better.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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