Chump Change for Big Pharma


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How do you even process a check for $2.2 Billion!? Is there space in the “Pay To The Order” area? Will the bank teller require two forms of ID? Evidently Johnson & Johnson has no problems in this department, as they just agreed to settle criminal and civil healthcare fraud claims with a $2.2 Billion payment.

These allegations concerned various antipsychotic and heart medications regarding:

  • Off-label marketing;
  • Physician/Pharmacy kickbacks;
  • Ignoring health risks and government warnings.

Attorney General Eric Holder says, “These companies lined their pockets at the expense of American taxpayers, patients and the private insurance industry.”


OMCA says, “You can’t wait on Uncle Sam, and you can’t blindly trust Big Pharma.”


Enhanced drug utilization review is the most effective way to control your dollars and protect your claimants/patients.

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William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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