I’ll Take Door Number 3


Tolerance or Addiction?
Under Treatment or Abuse?
Compliance or Diversion?

These are the questions and competing interests physicians must address when treating chronic pain. Readers of this newsletter know we are not bashful in calling out rogue providers and the pharmaceutical industry when they ignore or pay lip service to these issues. However, there are ways to manage these cases that produce better outcomes than what we usually see.

I’m going to list a couple of additional options stakeholders should be considering:

  • Traditional Pain Management Protocols or Alternative Treatment Options?
  • Malingering/Idleness or Active Functional Restoration?

Several of our clients have asked us to provide non-traditional clinical modules/networks to address chronic pain and the psycho-social issues surrounding patients/claimants “giving up.” To be successful, these specialized treatment plans require extensive education of the referring specialist, patient buy-in, and a hand-picked alternative provider network.

This approach provides an opportunity to better manage and control pain symptoms without ever increasing doses of addictive narcotics and pharmacy cocktails. The end goal is a better functioning, less drugged-out patient.

There are better options.

Call us. We can do better.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

Posted in Medical Cost Containment, OMCA