Knowing Where to Look



A study from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, recently published in Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, examined the follow-up care on patients with single orthopedic injuries (i.e. broken legs, ankles, arms). Typically, the treating surgeon is responsible for pain control immediately after surgery. Although this was a very small population, the results reinforce what many of us in the work comp industry know — 21% of these patients tried to get narcotic painkillers from more than just their surgeon.


A profile of these “doctor-shopping” claimants includes many of the same characteristics:

  • White male;
  • Limited college education;
  • Sought narcotics, anti-anxiety and/or ADHD drugs;
  • Previous narcotic user.


Sound familiar?

Early intervention and identification of at-risk claimants is key in controlling costs and improving outcomes. Aggressive and effective Nurse Case Management is a proven technique to coordinate care, improve communication, and to hold providers and claimants accountable.

Call us. We know where to look.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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