Never Mind



“Never mind.” – Emily Litella, fictional Saturday Night Live character played by Gilda Radner


Remember how this character would take a strong editorial stand on SNL’s Weekend Update? Then when presented with certain opposite facts, she would just shrug her shoulders with a “Never mind.”


Writing in The Lexington Hearld-Leader, Bill Estep reports on a Michigan doctor who takes this concept to a new level.


Earlier this month, a couple pleaded guilty to conspiring with this doctor to illegally sell thousands of narcotic pain pills in Eastern Kentucky. According to plea documents, these individuals obtained almost 20,000 oxycodone pills from this physician over a two year period. They bought them for $10 per pill and resold them to a Pike County drug dealer for $20 per pill, who then charged $35 per pill. Quite the business.


The doctor’s initial responses:

  • I’m innocent;
  • I relied on the patients’ claim they were in pain;
  • I never suspected anything.


A week later when facing a possible 20-year sentence and realizing the evidence is mounting:

  • I’m guilty;
  • I’ll relinquish my license;
  • These scripts had no legitimate reason.


Or…Never mind.


Call us. Minding is what we do.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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