When Settled Science Finally Settles



When it comes to global warming, there is an active and ongoing political debate between how much is man-made and how best to reverse it. Some say the science is settled while a few contend otherwise.

However, there is one area of medicine where it’s past time to declare the science settled. Long-term, ever-increasing opioids for chronic pain? Bad choice!

So says the American Academy of Neurology in a newly released position paper. And here are the money quotes:

  • “…there is no substantial evidence for maintenance of pain relief or improved function over long periods of time without incurring serious risk of overdose, dependence or addiction;”
  • “…half of patients taking opioids for at least three months are still on opioids five years later.”

Don’t just “settle” for the cost and tragic outcomes associated with opioid abuse.

Call us. We can help you finally “settle” up.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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