Imagine There Is a Heaven



…It’s easy with physician dispensing/compounding.


With apologies to John Lennon, there is a new company that takes “Imagine” in a new direction. This entity promises increased profits, reduced workloads and patient loyalty to those physicians who will implement a turnkey drug dispensing/compounding operation.


Quoting from their website: Imagine…

  • “…if your practice could easily fill prescriptions;”
  • …if you could “keep all the profits in the practice;”
  • …if this could be done “without the need of a pharmacist.”

One of the most powerful reasons put forward to implement this program involves imagining the flexibility to dispense drugs from your office and charge retail prices.




For most of our payers, compounding and physician dispensing is much more expensive than traditional protocols.


Now “Imagine” if you could virtually eliminate physician dispensing and inefficient compounding in Kentucky through OMCA’s certified managed care network.
Call us. It’s easy if you try.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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