“Screw Them Until They Catch On!”


So quotes the physician in 9 criminal complaints filed by California prosecutors and highlighted in the San Jose Mercury News.


There are numerous pending felonies against this Oakland surgeon and his office manager regarding a scheme to defraud insurance companies. This surgeon allegedly overrode the billing software to charge inflated prescription prices on drugs being dispensed and falsified reports to bill for fake time reviewing urine tests.


When his employees complained about the improprieties, he played the “screw them” card and threatened termination, likening these whistle blowers to mutineers.


Well, this is no mutiny on the Bounty, and this physician is no Captain William Bligh. When insurance companies are defrauded, the bounty is on you.


Call us. Don’t let them put the screws to you.


William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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