What I Know Now




There is a segment on ESPN Monday Night Football Countdown where the talking heads explain “What I Know Now.” Presumably after watching Sunday’s match-ups, they are wiser on Monday and can better predict the future.


After twenty years and 250,000 claims reviewed, I am in a good position to tell you what I know now, specifically as it relates to Big Pharma, who:

  • Spends almost $100 million annually in physician speaking/consulting fees;
  • Pays for delay, to ensure generics hit the marketplace at the last possible moment;
  • “Hops” products, making small, insignificant manufacturing changes in order to extend patent life;
  • Spends more on advertising/lobbying/marketing than on research and development.

What I know now (and for the last twenty years), is that Big Pharma looks out for themselves now and forever.


Who is looking out for you?


Call us. We know better.


William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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