90-Day Wonders


A “90-day wonder” is a sometimes affectionate, sometimes pejorative term given to military officers who are commissioned after an unusually short training period. Who knows what direction that officer’s life will take?

Opioid use is another “90-day wonder” — meaning I wonder how expensive this claim will be after 90 days of usage. The science is increasingly clear that prolonged usage of a narcotic has little efficacy after 90 days and many complications. Who knows what direction that opioid user’s life will take?

Some jurisdictions are contemplating amending their comp rules to prevent reimbursements for opioid treatment beyond 3 months (except for cancer-related pain).

OMCA’s clients have established this 90-day opioid benchmark for several years, even in jurisdictions with liberal prescription guidelines.

Our specialty-match peer review physician advisors enjoy much success in presenting the latest opioid science to treating physicians. Education, remediation and continual review by physicians with the right credentials can reduce opioid abuse, regardless of the locale.

Get your “90-day wonders” off your checkbook and off their opioids. Who knows what direction that worker’s life will take?

Call us. We can do better.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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