Perpetual Motion Lives



“You can ponder perpetual motion…” – Credence Clearwater Revival, 1970


Harkening back to my days at UofL’s Speed Scientific School circa 1970, we did in fact “ponder perpetual motion” machines that continued indefinitely without an external energy source. One way we would debunk this concept is by demonstrating how friction exhausted the internal energy source and motion would eventually terminate.


Linda Johnson, AP Business writer, presents a new seemingly perpetual motion concept — the never ending increases in prescription drug spending. Her article highlights a new report from the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics which reveals for 2014:

  • 13% dollar increase;
  • $374 billion in expenditures;
  • 4.3 billion scripts written.

Our Physician Advisors and Nurse Case Managers can be your “friction” to control and reduce runaway drug costs. Don’t end up being the perpetual paymaster for Big Pharma.


Call us. We can do better.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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