Is the Jig Really Up?


Is the Jig Really Up?
“The jig is up!” This according to SAFER Arizona, a cannabis legalization committee.

In a recent article published in Insurance Journal, medical marijuana advocates are arguing that THC is safe and effective, and comp stakeholders should realize it’s healthier than traditional narcotics.

Nevertheless, in Arizona, the 63,000 holders of state medical marijuana cards won’t be dancing the workers’ comp reimbursement jig anytime soon. The Governor just signed specific legislation removing any requirement for Arizona carriers/self-insurers to pay claimants for medical marijuana. So at least for now, in the Grand Canyon State, up in smoke is on your own nickel.

Medical marijuana reimbursement requests will be coming to your jurisdictions in the near future. Are your Physician Advisors and Nurse Case Managers prepared to address legality, dosages, safety, and side effects?

Don’t dance this jig without help.

Call us. We can do better.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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