Buts, Buts and More Buts


Those of us who practice in the workers’ comp arena are familiar with the short industry phrases that generate common understanding.

  • Extent and duration;

  • Course and scope;

  • Cure or relief;

  • Disabling reality;

  • Pill Mill Bill.

And the two words that impact the ultimate cost of many complex claims:

  • “But for…”

We all applauded the efforts of our regulators/legislators in taking courageous steps to control and restrict access to dangerous prescription narcotics. There is much evidence these protocols are working.

However, there is a looming “but for” that we can’t ignore, and it goes by the nicknames of Smack, Tar and Horse to name a few. Heroin is the new scourge of our communities, and limitations on certain painkillers are fueling its demand.

Are you ready to cash the “but for” check?

  • My back wouldn’t hurt “but for” my work injury;

  • I wouldn’t be addicted “but for” my doctor having prescribed painkillers;

  • I wouldn’t have tried heroin “but for” the system having cut off my opioids;

  • I wouldn’t be permanently disabled “but for” workers’ comp.

A stretch? Maybe, maybe not.

Are there answers and proven treatment regimens? Yes.

Stay tuned and explore with us the avenues to combat addiction and restore functionality. Staying ahead of the “but for” curve…it’s what we do.

Call us. We can do better.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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