Coffee and Nurses



Seems like every month or so I read about a new study touting the amazing benefits of drinking coffee. Evidently if I keep going to Starbucks, my liver will be better, and I will have reduced risk of dementia, diabetes, Parkinson’s, and colorectal cancer. Amen!


Want to hear about another miracle cure that eases many of the ills for medical payors?


That’s right, the latest study from Liberty Mutual on 42,000 workers’ comp claims reinforces OMCA’s 25-year business model. Since inception, we have stressed the effectiveness of experienced Nurse Case Managers on reducing comp dollars and improving outcomes.


Now Big Insurance is jumping on the bandwagon with findings that nurse involvement can:

  • Lower future medical costs by 18%;
  • Resolve claims 15% faster;
  • Lower total costs 26%!


Too many claimants with comorbidity, pharmaceutical abuse and psychosocial issues? Have a cup of coffee and…


Call us. We can do better.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

Posted in Medical Cost Containment, OMCA