Penile Nerve Blocks?


My Dad had a concise way of summing up a situation. He would listen to or read the facts in the newspaper or on the radio and offer the conclusion that  “right’s right and wrong’s wrong.” That seemed to pretty well take care of everything. Well, almost everything.

Seems there is a retired Army physician practicing medicine in Virginia who recently lost his medical license due to evidence “so overwhelming and so bizarre as to almost shock the conscience of a prosecutor who’s been doing this for 26 years.”
This evidence demonstrated that the doctor had performed dangerous, unethical experiments on human subjects he induced with hypnotic drugs. He intentionally induced shock and performed penile nerve blocks on trainees in addition to instructing trainees to insert catheters in one another. All in a day’s work of teaching trainees how to survive battlefield injuries. And all for $10 million of federal funding.


My point here is that doctors are just like the rest of us (well, some doctors are). If 2% of the population is crooked, you can bet that about 2% of doctors are crooked; if 5% of normal folks would steal from the government, about 5% of doctors would steal from the government. Advanced education doesn’t produce advanced ethics.


So picking the physicians who will treat your injured workers is a big deal. Credentialing doctors and investigating complaints help reduce the number of crooks you’ll be dealing with. Letting claimants go anywhere they desire is a great way to ensure that you’ll get more than your fair share of crooks. It’s simple. Right’s right and wrong’s wrong.






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William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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