First Law of Holes



Seem to be in a new hole? Maybe you should stop digging.

Or in other words, don’t compound your problems.

I have linked to a study published by CompPharma (a consortium of Pharmacy Benefit Managers) regarding compounding and workers’ comp. The conclusion in this white paper mirrors many of the same points we have been making for some time. Essentially, certain compound pharmaceuticals are:

  • Expensive;

  • Risky;

  • Unregulated;

  • Not medically indicated;

  • Ineffective.

Nationwide, the utilization of these types of drugs has increased five-fold over the last five years according to CompPharma, and the costs are increasing even faster.

There are ways to minimize your payouts and risks in this area:

  • Customized provider networks;

  • Limiting dispensing options;

  • Aggressive pharmaceutical UR.

Before this problem compounds even more and puts you in a deeper hole…

Call us. We can do better.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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