My back is fine, but the doctor needs the work!



A recent study by the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute examined back surgery trends in 13 states. As we all know, almost one-fifth of comp injuries involve the back.


Interestingly, the frequency of back surgery, with same diagnoses, varies widely. For example, Oklahoma and Tennessee experienced double the rates of California and Florida.


The findings concluded that the following factors played a big role in the quantity of back surgeries:

  • Local custom;
  • Insurance reimbursement;
  • Number of area surgeons.


At OMCA, our clients can reasonably expect a back surgical procedure when the following questions are answered YES:


  • Is it medically appropriate;
  • Have other alternatives been considered;
  • Is the claimant fully informed as to risks/rewards;
  • Are the post-surgery plans reasonable?


Decisions as to invasive medical treatment plans involve many variables. But geography, hospital whims, reimbursement rates, and surgeon free time should not be the deciding factors.




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William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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